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Why Choose Us as your Commercial Flooring Team:

If you are planning to lay a new floor in your DeFuniak Springs commercial premises, then here are a couple of reasons why we can be the ones that will do it for you.

natural and synthetic polymer materials
DeFuniak Springs Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial vinyl flooring is a popular choice thanks to its high durability and wide variety of finishes and styles. The material is made from natural and synthetic polymer fibers and, as such, is hard-wearing. 

Vinyl is perfect for high-traffic areas such as corridors, classrooms, reception areas, and warehouse floors.

Four most popular types of vinyl:

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): This is the highest-quality vinyl and the best at mimicking other materials. It is very durable and easy to care for and maintain.
Vinyl Sheet Flooring: This type of flooring consists of a single sheet of vinyl that covers the entire floor space. This choice is great for factory or warehouse floors since it has a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.
Vinyl Composition Tile: This flooring is the cheapest option, so best for tight budgets. These tiles do, however, require more maintenance than other types of vinyl.
Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring: Similar to LVT but this type of flooring is plank-shaped to perfectly mimic wood.

high durability and ease of cleaning
DeFuniak Springs Commercial Tile Flooring

If vinyl is not in your plans, tile flooring is also an extremely popular option in DeFuniak Springs. They feature a timeless look while being super easy to clean and maintain. 

Tiles look particularly classy in high-end areas such as hotel lobbies, reception areas, and other luxury buildings.

At Freeport Flooring we have a wide selection of commercial flooring tiles for commercial buildings in DeFuniak Springs including:

Porcelain: Smooth, strong, and water-resistant.
Ceramic Tiles: Slip-resistant, made from white or red clay.
Natural Stone: Granite, quartz, and travertine are just some stunning examples of natural stone tiles.

Other Commercial Flooring Options in DeFuniak Springs

Of course, we do not just limit your flooring to vinyl and tile. We understand that other materials might be better suited to the job. Therefore, we also provide floor fitting services using the following materials:

• Hardwood
• Carpet
• Epoxy

We also provide wall covering fitting services, including:

• Wall Tiles
• Backsplashes
• Stone Walls
• And More

No matter what commercial property you own, we can fit a floor there. This includes new constructions, remodeling projects, and smaller projects. 

Commercial Flooring
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Freeport Flooring is a family-run business that puts the customer first in everything we do. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you obtain a skillfully fitted, functional, and aesthetically pleasing floor for your commercial facility.

No matter how big or small your flooring needs are in DeFuniak Springs, we are looking forward to working with you.

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