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Reasons to Choose Freeport Flooring:

Freeport Flooring is your trusted and reliable Grayton Beach commercial flooring company, and for several great reasons.

natural and synthetic polymer materials
Grayton Beach Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial vinyl flooring is constructed from natural and synthetic polymer materials. Its composition makes it a highly durable material and perfect for high-traffic places such as offices, corridors, and reception areas.

When you consult with Freeport Flooring, we will take your commercial space into consideration and make expert recommendations for the right style of vinyl flooring for your requirements.

Four categories of vinyl flooring to consider:

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT): This is a high-end version of vinyl flooring, is easy to maintain, and is the most attractive since it can be produced in a way that mimics other materials.
Vinyl Sheet Flooring: A single sheet of vinyl is laid, much like a carpet, for a seamless, smooth look. This is also simple to maintain to keep it looking good.
Vinyl Composition Tile: These tiles are the most economical choice but require a little more maintenance than the other options.
Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring: Similar to LVT but in a plank-like shape and typically mimicking a hardwood finish like oak or beech, perfect for businesses in Grayton Beach. 

high durability and ease of cleaning
Grayton Beach Commercial Tile Flooring

Tiles are an excellent choice for commercial flooring thanks to their high durability and ease of cleaning. They have a classic appeal and look good in just about any setting, especially hotel lobbies, public venues, and luxury retail and office spaces.

Grayton Beach Commercial Flooring Tiles Include:

Porcelain: A strong and water-resistant material with a smooth finish.
Ceramic Tiles: Constructed from red or white clay with a slip-resistant finish.
Natural Stone: The most beautiful option of all, with some truly stunning stones to choose from, such as granite, quartz, and travertine.

Other Commercial Flooring Options in Grayton Beach

Our range does not just stop at tiles and vinyl (although they are the most popular choices). We can lay other types of material, including:

• Hardwood Floors
• Carpet
• Laminate
• And More

No matter what commercial property you own, we can fit a floor there. This includes new constructions, remodeling projects, and smaller projects. 

Commercial Flooring
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Freeport Flooring offers a wide variety of commercial flooring options that can help transform your Grayton Beach business. We will happily provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and are on hand to discuss your requirements and answer any questions.

We are looking forward to working with you.

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